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Senior Golf Association of Finland is founded 1981.

This means that we are celebrating 30th Anniversary this year 2011. We are as old/young as ESGA.

The Association is administered by the board. The board consist of eight members. There are also annual statutory meetings twice a year where all statutory issues will be handled.

We have more than 10000 members by the end of 2011. That is to say that about one fourth of finnish senior players are member of the Association.

Membership is restricted to seniors; females who are at least 50 years of age and males 55 years of age during the calender year when they join to the Association. They have to be also members of Finnish Golf Union trough their home golf club.

Mission of the Association is to enhance and to develop senior aged people golf playing organizing different events for the members. Events are; seminars, trainings, educations, meetings etc.

The Association is also responsable for organizing senior competitions on four different level nation wide:

  • Finnish National Senior Champioships

  • Finnish Senior Tour

  • Finnish Senior Challenge Tour

  • Finnish Senior Area Tour ( 7 areas in Finland)